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At Aqua Yoga Studio, each instructor will provide you different style of yoga. Feel free to experience yourself in any classes
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Respect your class, your instructor as well as your time!

– Come to class at least 5-10 minutes in advance. If you need to leave early, inform your instructor before class and leave quietly.

– Turn off your phone, leave all your stuff in the lockers, soften your voice, calm your mind and smile in the class.

– You know yourself best, please inform to your instructor about your health condition, any injuries that you have. Make sure you have consulted your doctor before joining the class. Yoga instructor is not your doctor!

– Keep your hygiene: we encourage you bring your own mat. However, you can use our mats. please clean the mats with our essential oil spray. Please bring your own towels if your need one. We don’t have bathroom yet, sorry for this inconvenience.

Together, lets create a peaceful and blissful yoga community at Aqua Yoga Studio.